How can Houston Voice Reduce Costs for Your Business?

    Houston Voice VoIP Business Phone Solutions can reduce costs for your business if your company has multiple locations, branches, telecommuters, remote sales offices . that are already connected to a company Network. , you can share the full features of your phone system across all your locations. In addition, even if you have one office in Houston and one in Dallas, VoIP allows calls between them via extension dialing, making it a zero cost call. For Companies with a large monthly long-distance phone bill, this can substantially reduce your cost.

    Your Business can also benefit from our VoIP products with the ease of admistering your Phone System online with a Web Interface quickly and efficiently. You can easily add and subtract lines and extensions to suit your ever changing business needs. This can be done much faster and easier than the facilities of the Phone Company can provide.

What are the Benefits of switching to a VoIP Phone System?

Benefits of a VoIP Phone include:

  • * Cost Efficiency
  • * Flexibility
  • * Improved Productivity
  • * Simple and Scalable Infrastructure
  • * Rapid Integration
  • * Simple, predictable and modest price
  • * Reduced Operating Costs
  • * Quality of Service
  • * Security
  • * Simpler Infrastructure

  • Features of a VoIP Phone System

    911 Call Service

    411 Directory Service

    3 Way Calling

    Anonmymous Call Block

    Call Transfer

    Caller-ID Blocking

    Call Park

    Call Transfer

    Contact Lists Do-Not-Disturb

    International Calls

    International Call Blocking

    Speed Dialing


    Web Interface Administration

    Much More....