What is IP-Centrex?

    IP Centrex is a service where the call platform and PBX features are hosted at the service provider location. The business end users connect via IP to the provider for voice service. IP Centrex allows customers to have and use features that are typically associated with a private branch exchange (PBX) without the purchase of PBX switching systems. These features include:

  • * recognizing that a party has gone off hook and that dial tone should be provided
  • * interpreting the dialed digits to determine where the call is to terminated
  • * determining whether the called party is available, busy, or has call forwarding, and then applying the appropriate treatment (e.g., ringing the phone, applying busy signal, applying a call waiting tone, delivering the call to voicemail, or forwarding the call to another party)
  • * recognizing when the called party answers the phone and when either party subsequently hangs up, and recording the appropriate information for billing

Benefits of IP-Centrex

Benefits of Centrex service:

  • * It is not necessary to buy your own telephone system
  • * Ability to transfer calls to offsite workers (i.e., telecommuters, remote offices, home workers)
  • * Ability to grow or shrink your office as needed
  • * Service is guaranteed by your local phone company
  • * Simple, predictable and modest price
  • * Converged/integrated access
  • * Scalable to large IP Centrex deployments
  • * Rapid solution integration
  • * Current speaker notification
  • * Allows audio media to be easily shared across IP Centrex application components
  • * Platform can grow with future video messaging opportunities
  • * Up to 90% reduction in space

  • Features of IP-Centrex

    Account Codes

    Anonymous Call Rejection

    Automatic Callback/Ring Again

    Automatic Line/Direct Connect ("Hotline")

    Barge In

    Call Block

    Call Park

    Call Pickup

    Call Return Call Transfer

    Caller ID

    Directed Call Park

    Directed Call Pickup

    Distinctive Ringing

    Executive Busy Override

    Intercom Dialing

    Hunt Groups

    Last Number Redial

    Message Waiting Audible

    Message Waiting Lamp


    Repeat Dialing

    Speed Dialing